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N$4 million Swakopmund North Beach recreation facility launched

N$4 million Swakopmund North Beach recreation facility launched

By Adolf Kaure.

The Swakopmund North Beach recreation facility was officially launched on Friday by the coastal town’s mayor, Her Worship Dina Namubes after it was completed at a cost of N$4 million by various contractors.

According to the mayor, the completion of the facility came at the right time as there is always a large influx of tourists to the town during the festive season.

“The facility is now ready to be used and enjoyed by the public. As council we strive to continuously enhance our town and its attractions to ensure that our people receive the quality service that they deserve especially during the festive season. Our residents are most likely to also visit the beach and spend time with their loved ones over a braai.”

“Therefore, we are extremely excited for this development, and we hope that it will serve its purpose to the community of Swakopmund,” said Namubes.

According to recent tourism statistics, Namibia is expected to receive 190,942 foreign arrivals during the fourth quarter (October to December), with the bulk heading to the coast for the holidays.

The facility is made up of a kiosk, ablution and shower facilities, lifesavers room, braai stands and a fenced playground.

Additionally, six lifesavers from the Namibian Navy have been deployed to the facility to ensure the safety of all those who will be making use of the beach area around the facility.

Namubes said that the facility has made it easier for residents to have another option to relax as other sites are often crowded.

“Our town is a well-known coastal resort that attracts a lot of recreational users. For this reason, the council receives countless applications from residents and visitors to host a variety of events along the beach, particularly during the festive season,” she said.


The mayor also said that they have devised a beach access plan to make it easier for visitors and residents to book recreational sites to prevent any challenges.

“The purpose of this plan is to effectively manage and control recreational activities that take place on the beach. It will designate zones where certain recreational activities are permitted, or restricted, prohibited and regulated.”

The document will simplify the application and approval process for both residents and staff members, enhancing transparency, consistency and prompt decision making.

The mayor challenged users of the facility to take make sure that it remains in good condition and does not get vandalised.

Swakopmund mayor, Her Worship Dina Namubes (third from right) officially launches the North Beach recreation facility. (Photograph by Adolf Kaure)


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