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Will Weatherman and Co. rattle the local ad industry’s cage?

Established in 1996, Ogilvy Namibia has been one of the country’s leading advertising agencies. Managing Director Anny Mouton has been at the forefront since its inception, helping launch amongst others the Multichoice Namibia brand and Unleaded petrol. In an interview with The Economist, Mouton speaks about Weatherman and Co.
Said Mouton, “Competition is beneficial for any industry. The introduction of Weatherman and Co. only re-establishes our internal mandate of being the best agency we can be and reminds us to keep raising the bar, never settling, never stagnating and always growing. Aside from this, we feel that more players in the industry give us a bigger platform to stand upon and stand out in. We embrace it not only as a part of life but as a challenge.”

“We are of the opinion that the quality of the creative work should always be the determining factor in the client-agency relationship. If Weatherman and Co. provides the quality that their respective brands require, there should be no need for outside agencies to interfere or for the clients to look around. We have always been a vicious competitor in the marketplace but with that being said, we feel there is a lot to be said for inter-agency civility and the fact that there are more than enough accounts to go around. Should these brands ever feel the need for whatever reason to look beyond Weatherman and Co, we will be ready to pitch some truly amazing work,” added.
Mouton welcomed the entry of Weatherman and Co. and added, “Some agencies might see it as a threat, we see it as a challenge. It keeps us alert and pushes us to be bolder and to be more innovative and dynamic in our business. We are a well-established agency with nearly twenty years’ experience in the Namibian marketplace, and we are backed by one of the largest agency networks in the world, the Ogilvy Network. Along with this we have a young, hungry Namibian team which has to date been handling our own “big” accounts with great success and review.”
“Ogilvy Namibia has a fantastic track record and the quality of our work speaks for itself. We have vast and invaluable Namibian insight and beyond that, as mentioned before, we are also part of the Ogilvy Network, which is advantageous from a client viewpoint, as it gives them access to marketing and advertising knowledge from all around the world. Locally speaking, clients of Ogilvy Namibia are serviced by a dynamic and close-knit group of creative, media and account nuts,” Mouton concluded.

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