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GIPF entity Kuleni Fund Administrators completes major strategic rebrand

GIPF entity Kuleni Fund Administrators completes major strategic rebrand

Kuleni Fund Administrators (Pty) Ltd, a wholly owned entity of the Government Institutions Pension Fund (GIPF), is rebranding as Kuleni Financial Services (Pty) Ltd to reflect its new strategic direction of the company.

The rebranding includes the change of the company’s name and logo, amongst others, the company announced on Monday.

Kuleni was established in 1999 to provide pension fund administration and other related services. However, through its strategic planning process, the company revised its strategic direction and business model.

“The services of Kuleni are available to the open market, whether an employer would like to set up a retirement fund for its employees, or an existing retirement fund would like to make use of the administration services of Kuleni,” the company said in a statement.

Kuleni has a preservation fund that allows any individual in Namibia, public or private sector, to invest their retirement benefits arising from their resignation or dismissal from their respective employers, continued the statement.

Julia Muetudhana, Chairperson of the Board of Directors, said it became evident that they were moving beyond a pure pension fund administrator to an emerging financial service provider. “It is on this basis that we are re-branding. When people see our logo, they should know that is the new Kuleni and this is what they have to expect,” she added.

The Chief Executive, Selby Sibeya, highlighted, among others, the revised high-level statements of the company. He expressed that the mission statement is “grow and position Kuleni to provide efficient financial services and lifetime retirement solutions to our clients.”

As part of the rebrand, Kuleni Financial Services (Pty) Ltd has unveiled its new logo and website per the new strategic direction. Their logo comprises a gold bar and a pyramid. Accordingly, the gold bar represents the creation of wealth for everyone. “At Kuleni, there is a team that helps you see a future worth creating. Kuleni is a group of inspirational leaders empowering Namibians to save for a future of shared prosperity.”

According to Sibeya, the revised Kuleni mission highlights three shifts in the company’s strategy: Kuleni to be financially sustainable into perpetuity; Kuleni to emerge as a fully established and recognized market player, and Kuleni to offer a range of value-adding solutions to Namibians. Moreover, he said the vision is “to become the preferred partner in providing financial services and solutions.” The core values are the guiding principles that provide Kuleni with a purpose and direction, said Sibeya.

The revised Kuleni vision emphasizes the company’s desired future position, which is for Kuleni to become market competitive in providing financial security and growing financial assets, the company added. Kuleni seeks to partner with individuals and employers to offer them retirement solutions.

“The purpose of governance is to align all strategies together for ease of implementation and working in unison. I hear these things in the Namibian industry, and I am puzzled at such situations because it is intolerable and unacceptable for two heads not to talk to each other when they are expected to work together,” said GIPF CEO, David Nuyoma, adding that therefore, as Kuleni grows, he does not wish to hear of the CEO not seeing eye to eye with board members. “Therefore, there should be an alignment of activities between the CEO and the Board,” he said.

Visit their website,; their Facebook and LinkedIn accounts to explore the new brand and website.


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