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School uniform manufacturing centre in Nkurenkuru opened

School uniform manufacturing centre in Nkurenkuru opened

The Ministry of Industrialisation and Trade (MIT) inaugurated a school uniform manufacturing centre in Nkurenkuru town in the Kavango West Region on 5 November.

The ministry said the project, which is the first initiative of its kind is solely to produce school uniforms.

“As the government is on a course toward attaining its vision of phasing out the importation of school uniforms from abroad, a decision that cabinet took in 2013, to pave way for locally produced school uniforms,” added the ministry.

The ministry is hopeful that within the near future, it will be able to roll out the project to other Regions too.

The Minister of Industrialisation and Trade, Lucia Iipumbu said they are doing all they can to ensure that there is true ‘Growth at Home’ to grow and prosper the nation’s economic landscape.

“Our point of departure is really to ensure that Namibian entrepreneurial productive capacity is enhanced to have market access both locally and internationally with the hope that at some point we become self-reliance in some areas,” she added.

At the same event, the ministry also opened its Kavango West Regional Office in the town to bring services closer to the residents of the region.


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