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“Embrace the transformative leader that is within you” – OM leadership programme

“Embrace the transformative leader that is within you” – OM leadership programme

The Old Mutual Foundation, in partnership with the African Leadership Institute and the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture recently concluded the Old Mutual School Transformation Leadership Programme.

The programme empowers leaders in education, specifically principals and heads of departments, to upskill them as transformative leaders in their respective schools and communities.

Since its inception, the Old Mutual School Transformation Leadership Programme has trained over five hundred principals and heads of departments across the entire country. This constitutes an investment in capacity building of N$5.3 million.

Last month, sixty-three students graduated with a Certificate in Transformational Leadership  from the African Leadership Institute of which ten benefitted from the Old Mutual School Transformation Leadership Programme.

During the celebration evening Mufaro Nesongano, Communications and Old Mutual Foundation Manager, emphasised his admiration for the graduating class of 2022 who completed the rigorous course for which they received certificates. “We each bear the responsibility to pass the mantle forward and ensure we teach, raise and help a child,” stated Nesongano.

The Old Mutual Foundation is committed to strengthen community initiatives through the foundation’s framework: Education and Skills Development, Community Initiatives, and Financial Well-being initiatives.

One of the Old Mutual sponsored programme beneficiaries, Roger Katjivikua, a principal at Okakarara Secondary School said “the certificate course has gifted me [with] the ability to see beyond the capability and incapability of people and the ability to encourage, inspire and motivate people to move from Point A to Point B, where Point B is a better place.”

“At my workplace, thanks to the course, I am now more cognisant of the transformational needs of my team. I support them by involving them in the decision-making process and I stimulate their efforts to be as creative and innovative as possible. My wish for my fellow graduates is that you wholeheartedly embrace the transformative leader that is within you; that you go forth and cause significant and lasting alternative futures you pray, hope, and dream of, for your clients, your communities, and the world,” Katjivikua added.

Furthermore, Foibe Nghishongwa from Eenhana in the Ohangwena region, one of the deserving students who benefitted from the Old Mutual sponsorship stated: “What I have learned through this leadership course has transformed me into a focused and visionary leader. Transformation at my workplace happened as I contributed to an improvement in team cohesion and productivity. Subordinates are happy and committed to achieving a common goal,” she said.

“I try to understand and value each unique member of the team. I have started to plan more, make priorities, and set smart goals for my life. This includes in social responsibility, my spiritual life, and balancing my work and family. I have learned to trust God in everything. I am more accountable for my action than before. I learned that we need to forgive and live a happy life,” Nghishongwa added.


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