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StArt Art Gallery announces ‘Queer Art Now’ exhibition event slated for next week

StArt Art Gallery announces ‘Queer Art Now’ exhibition event slated for next week

The StArt Art Gallery, in collaboration with The Project Room, will host Queer Art Now, an exhibition showcasing diverse creativity in the queer Namibian community.

The “diverse and exciting event” will officially open its doors in Windhoek next week.

The exhibition, set to officially open at 18h00 on 7 December 2022 at The Project Room, Windhoek, is open to all who wish to celebrate art, pride, and queer identities. Moreover, all guests are requested to come dressed to impress, and the most impressive outfit will win a prize.

That is slated to occur next week between 8 to 10 December, with opening times scheduled from 10h00 -13h00.

According to the gallery, the event features photography, fashion, painting, performance, and more. “With artworks from emerging, mid-career, and established artists, this intergenerational exhibition provides a moment for reflection and recognition of how far we have come and how far we still have to go in the struggle for equality and freedom,” they added.

“This exhibition is curated by Namibian artist Anne Lacheinerkuhn in collaboration with The Project Room and StArt Art Gallery. The exhibition will also feature designs from the recent logo design competition for Namibia Pride Week,” the gallery said in a statement announcing the launch.

Announcing the exhibition, Lacheinerkuhn, a Namibian artist who is based between London and Namibia, said, “Creativity is central to the Queer community and should be celebrated further.

“More visibility is a key factor in eradicating homophobia while also being vital for youth who might be struggling with their identity and sense of belonging,” the artist added.

Lacheinerkuhn has a multidisciplinary practice that involves collage, video, photography, installation, and sculpture. Her art practice focuses on appropriation, remixing, recycling, and sampling to create narratives that explore memory, sexuality, and identity. She has exhibited in the US, UK, Namibia, Spain, Italy, and South Africa.


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