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Agriculture ministry official found on the wrong side of the law

Joyce Zussino stands accused of defrauding the Minister of Agriculture, Water and Forestry

Joyce Zussino stands accused of defrauding the Minister of Agriculture, Water and Forestry

Former Private Secretary to the Director of Extension and Engineering Services in the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry, Joyce Zussino stands accused of defrauding the ministry N$121,749.50. Accordng to a statement released by the Anti Corruption Commision, Zussion has a company called Tuahafa-Zussino Creations which provided services to the Ministry of Agriculture.
She allegedly had a role in obtaining quotations for the said ministry in which her company  also submitted quotations despite the fact that she was privy to the information and pricing of other suppliers. In addition, it is alleged that she did not have the required permission to perform external remunerative work, the statement read.

On completion of the investigation, the case docket was forwarded to the Office of the Prosecutor General who decided to charge Zussino on nine counts of contrevening section 36 of the Anti-Corruption Act, Act No. 8 of 2003 as per indictment. Zussino was apprehended on 5 March 2014 and brought before the Magistrates Court in Windhoek. The case has been remanded to 26 March 2014 for legal representation. Zussion was released on bail of N$20,000 according to the Anti-Corruption Commision. Section 36 of the Anti-Corruption Act states that, “A public officer commits an offence who knowingly and corruptly, and otherwise than as a member of a registered joint stock company consisting of more than 20 persons, acquires or holds, directly or indirectly, a private interest in any contract, agreement or investment emanating from or which is made on account of the public body.”

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