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Comprehensive Erongo Regional Profile beckons investment in unique opportunities

Comprehensive Erongo Regional Profile beckons investment in unique opportunities

By Adolf Kaure.

The Erongo Regional Prolife was recently launched in Swakopmund by the Governor, Neville André to provide an overview of the socioeconomic landscape of the region. The profile brands the Erongo region on its strengths and pillars which give it a competitive advantage.

According to the Governor, the profile helps draw the attention of potential investors, both domestic and foreign, to the ultimate opportunities the region offers. “The information entailed in the profile will help strategic developmenl initiatives and evaluate the desire for investment,” he said.

The region’s development pillars include its rich landscapes and its fauna and flora diversity. It also portrays a region rich in cultural diversity, with a strong and vibrant tourism industry and a robust mining sector.

Erongo region is further profiled as the gateway to the rest of Namibia and the world, having an international airport, and one of the best managed ports on the African continent as well as road infrastructure directly linked to the southern African region and effectually the continent.

“The profile shares the different economic activities which take place in the region and exposes the potential that can be developed further,” said Governor André.

The Governor stated that 79% of the region’s population is economically active but that about 40% is actually unemployed despite recent statistics which put the unemployment rate at 30%.

The Governor challenged the representatives of the private sector at the launch to be innovative and reduce unemployment and grow the region’s economy with the potential that is contained in all its resources.

“I encourage local leaders to stay in touch with their residents, live in harmony so that together you can address the challenges faced in your settlements, villages, towns and constituencies to improve the conditions.”

“As the regional Governor, I am proud that this profile was compiled in a joint collaboration of all different stakeholders and we must therefore own it and live up to the notion to plan together and develop the region together,” he said.

The Erongo Regional Profile was crafted by the National Planning Commission as mandated by Article 129 of the Namibian Constitution and the National Planning Commission Act of 2013 to plan and spearhead the course of National Development in all 14 Regions.


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