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SMS notification service for passports application services introduced

SMS notification service for passports application services introduced

An SMS notification service for passport application services was introduced this week by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety, and Security.

The ministry in a statement said the development is aimed at improving service delivery to the public and has been achieved through a smart partnership with Mobile Telecommunications Company (MTC).

According to the ministry, applicants for passports will henceforth receive an SMS on their mobile phone when their application for a passport was approved, printed, and dispatched to the office where the person applied.

The applicants will receive a push notification SMS from 10001 that will read as follows: “You may collect your passport after 2 working days if applied in Windhoek, or else after 5 working days from the Regional Office where you applied. MHAISS.”- when the passport is finalised and dispatched to the application office.

Meanwhile, applicants who provide correct mobile numbers during the application stage will receive an SMS notification. The messages will be sent automatically without the applicants requesting them.

“We are confident that the passports SMS service will save applicants time and decongest our offices. Applicants no longer need to attend to our Offices to enquire whether their passports are ready, the ministry said while commending MTC for making the service available to the nation at no charge.


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