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First Rain Dance Theatre presents “Anima”, a spectacular African ballet

Anima, a production by First Rain Dance Theatre
Dates: Thursday 27 to Saturday 29 March
Time: 19:00
Venue: NIPAM Amphitheatre, Paul Nash Street, Olympia
Tickets: N$ 60 advance sales at FNCC; N$ 80 at venue

In their first presentation since their hugely successful run at the National Theatre of Namibia with PassionFruit; First Rain Dance Theatre again take to the stage, and this time they really mean business.
Anima is a spectacular full length African ballet production, involving some of Namibia’s most experienced avantgarde artists such as Steffen List (soundscape), Lize Ehlers (vocals), Lila Swanepoel (video), Willem Very (photography), Taati Sibolile (costumes), Shishani Vranckx (vocals) and Françios Olivier (PR). The show is supported by FNCC in the framework of its event series “Dance Showcase Namibia”; dbAudio; the City of Windhoek; and the Windhoek Observer.
Anima is a show that takes no prisoners; it is an exploration of the inner self, the modern Namibian, sexuality and the pure joy of movement. This is a modern Namibian fairytale for adults.

The story begins with an otherworldly being, played by the wonderfully talented Grant Edem, who falls to earth from the heavens. He is found by an earthly tribe who, led by Trixie Munyama and Tuli Shityuwete, heal him and teach him to dance. In return, the angel teaches the tribe to fly.
This is a fairytale that relates very directly to the lives of urban Namibians and addresses the current gender crisis that we are now dealing with on a daily basis as well as the struggles of modern Namibians as we try to reconcile our traditions with our contemporary lives.
Anima is an explosion of Namibian fashion, film, photography, sound and movement and boasts stars such as Shishani and Lize Ehlers who will be performing live and Steffen List (front man of amazing local band Tonetic) who is creating the original soundtrack. The costumes for the show are all personally designed and hand crafted by Taati Sibolile, one of Namibia’s most talented up-and-coming designers who is hot off the catwalk at Swahili Fashion Week. The formidable team is rounded out with talented visual artists Lila Swanepoel (film) and Willem Vrey (photography). This full length Namibian traditional ballet will take both the dancers and the audience on a journey of self-discovery and an exploration of the joy to be found even in the darkest of times.

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