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Fishermen (and women) trawl Hardap for trophies

Fishermen (and women) trawl Hardap for trophies

More than 25 years since the last freshwater angling championship between Namibia and South Africa, Namibia Wildlife Resorts played host last week to a new chapter of the annual competition, this time held at Hardap Dam, one of Wildlife Resorts’ premier destinations in earlier times.

The resort at the dam was abuzz with activity as it welcomed the South African and Namibian angling teams to its facilities for the sought-after freshwater angling competition which ran from 14 to 17 November. After four intense days in the sun and in the water, both the men’s and the ladies’ teams from South Africa, gained the upper hand over their local opponents.

For all involved, from fishermen (and women) to their families, and to the organisers, in particular the staff of Wildlife Resorts, it was obvious that Hardap Dam is the jewel in the crown of the Hardap Region, and that it can play a far more important role in the resort manager’s budget, were it not neglegted as has been the case over the past 20 years.

Speaking after the prize ceremony, the SA captain, Spikes van Heerden, highlighted his excitement about the revived competition. “This water activity last took place in 1995; it is thus exciting that we could do it again. And Hardap Dam being that place that offers such an activity, we hope it becomes permanent,” he said. His sentiments about Hardap were echoed by the captain of the ladies team, Amanda Swartz.

The Resort’s spokesperson Mr Nelson Ashipala reiterated the organisation’s commitment to strengthen activities across its resorts, in particular activities that involve cross border competitions.

“We urge more Namibians to come to Hardap Dam and try out freshwater angling. Our immediate plan is to procure fishing equipment to teach local tourists to fish. There is a reason why these fishermen keep on coming back. The main reason being that Hardap Dam offers excellent conditions for freshwater fishing,” he said.


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