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MTC and Otjiwarongo Municipality ink strategic cooperation agreement

MTC and Otjiwarongo Municipality ink strategic cooperation agreement

MTC and the leadership of Otjiwarongo Municipality last week entered into a strategic cooperation agreement that will see the two institutions collaborate to enhance public service delivery through innovative digital solutions.

The expected key outcomes of the MoU will include supporting smart metering; improving efficiency and transparency of service delivery; improving and aligning processes and systems; transforming local government transaction services; enhancing data-driven business process; better access to and management of information; enhancing citizen satisfaction and trust, and supporting and nurturing local digital innovation and solutions.

MTC’s Managing, Dr. Licky Erastus at the event echoed strong sentiments on the importance of partnership, innovation, and technology in improving public service.

“As MTC, we strongly believe in smart partnerships. We believe that when institutions collaborate, desired results are achieved effortlessly. By adopting an elaborate agenda for digital transformation and innovation, we intend to create an enabling environment for digital inclusivity, digital adoption, and economic productivity. It is therefore imperative for MTC and the Otjiwarongo Municipality to drive unhindered collaborative efforts towards the realization of a smart, sustainable and inclusive digital economy,” Dr. Erastus said.

Moses Matyayi, Chief Executive of Otjiwarongo Municipality highlighted that it is high time that as a nation we fully embrace and leverage the 4IR.

“As a country, we have adopted a position paper on how to leverage the 4IR, and as a local authority that provides government services to the public, embracing technology and synergy with MTC will aid in achieving our institutional goals, missions, and objectives. We want to serve our community efficiently and responsively, so that our growth and development can be able to make an impact in the lives of our people.”

MTC Chief Commercial Officer, Melvin Angula said “Bringing together thought leaders from the two sectors is nothing new; services such as smart metering, Safe City and Green Services are amongst those that MTC and Otjiwarongo will work on to build a connected and economically involved society. And signing this MOU brings encouragement and delight that we are on the right path to servicing municipal citizens who also serve as our customers.


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