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SADC cross-border payments in the spotlight at regional conference

SADC cross-border payments in the spotlight at regional conference

Advancing equal access to payments for communities and businesses in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) will be highlighted at the inaugural TCIB Regional Conference by BankservAfrica and AfricaNenda in Lusaka, Zambia on 22 and 23 November 2022.

“BankservAfrica is pleased to collaborate with AfricaNenda for this regional conference that explores the dynamically changing SADC payments journey by bringing together commercial banks, fintechs, regulators, and money transfer operators, among others, in conversation with each other, making it a first for the region,” said Ruhling Herbst, Executive Head: Africa Business Development at BankservAfrica. “This dialogue is important for working together to create a payments future that benefits all.”

The conference is set to open with a keynote address by Maria Kateba, Acting Assistant Director – Payments Systems Development and Operations at the Bank of Zambia, on the importance of regional remittance and the need to support the TCIB Payments Scheme. Special guests such as Barbara Dreyer, Director of the National Payment System at the Bank of Namibia; Leonard Mwanza, CEO of the Bankers Association of Zambia; Maxine Hlaba, Executive Secretariat at the SADC Banking Association; Nomwelase Skenjana, Divisional Head of Domestic and Regional Settlement Services, National Payment System at South African Reserve Bank will also share their insights during the two-day sessions.

“AfricaNenda continues to seek meaningful collaborations like this with BankservAfrica to facilitate knowledge sharing in the payment ecosystem in Africa and advocate for connecting all Africans to the digital economy,” said Dr Robert Ochola, Chief Executive of AfricaNenda.

In addition to Dr Ochola, the other notable expert speakers will include Jan Pilbauer, Chief Executive of BankservAfrica; Barry Cooper, Executive at CENFRI and Dr Jonathan Pinifolo of COMESA Business Council.

Topics explored over the two days will focus on current issues – from the state of instant payments in the region and how traditional and digital payments are evolving across Africa to unconventional role-players in the fast-changing payments landscape, market insights into SADC cross-border payment and the risks associated with grey listing.

“Information will also be exchanged on the TCIB (Transactions Cleared on an Immediate Basis) Payments Scheme, BankservAfrica’s payments solution that aims to bring real benefit to people and businesses across the SADC region as an instant, interoperable cross-border payments service,” said Herbst.

On day 2 of the conference, Traderoot Africa, GLU Global, Oracle, ProBASE, and Mobile Payments Solutions will offer insights into their roles as certified integrators to the TCIB Payments Scheme. Herbst added “Launched just over a year ago, TCIB continues to make promising progress by expanding its network of payment providers embracing the vision of simplifying payments and lowering costs across the region.”

“Listening to different stakeholders of the ecosystem is essential to gain insights and a better understanding of the TCIB Payments Scheme. It will help us better plan the next State of Instant and Inclusive Payment Systems report, which already drew some lessons from TCIB in its 2022 edition,” concluded Dr Ochola.

For more information, please contact SADC payment systems.


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