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Classic vehicles made as far back as 1922 handled with care by Namibian freight services company

Classic vehicles made as far back as 1922 handled with care by Namibian freight services company

Woker Freight Service, which is part of Manica Group Namibia, recently handled all the required customs procedures to export 11 classic vehicles to Antwerp, Belgium, that took part in the Cape Town-to-Namibia Classic rally hosted by the SPA Classic Car Club.

The Freight Services said some of these classic vehicles were built in 1922 and are still in running condition. “The vehicles included several classic Mercedes Benz Pagodas, Bentleys (V8 and V6’s), a Range Rover, Porche Cabriolet, and Ford Mustang,” they informed.

They highlighted that the classic Bentleys attracted loads of attention not only for their yesteryear feel but the astounding fact that these vehicles sport powerful V8 and V6 engines. “The Bentley Blower Speed 6 was one of the first vehicles Bentley build in the early 1920s and went on to win Le Mans in 1929 and 1930 and it is the rarest and most valuable Bentley worldwide,” they added.

Woker Freight Services also explained that the Cape Town-to-Namibia Classic rally is more of a tour than a race and is meant to be a fun experience for club members and an opportunity to discover, admire and enjoy the scenery on their 18-day trek from Cape Town to Walvis Bay.

Rennies Consolidated also part of the Manic Group Namibia took care of the storage and packing of the vehicles in containers to be shipped back to Europe.


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