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Local students experience the magic of Chinese traditional medicine

Local students experience the magic of Chinese traditional medicine

Inquisitive yet nervous students at Mao Zedong High School in Windhoek’s Otjomuise suburb, got their first taste of Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM), as a Chinese medical team intensified its drive to impart new health techniques to locals.

“It felt like a pinch at first, but later I felt relaxed and I would love to experience more of such therapy,” described Anita Joseph the sensation, following acupuncture therapy.

Joseph was one of the many excited Grade 10 learners who are currently learning the Chinese language and culture at the school through the Confucius Institute (CI) at the University of Namibia.

The Chinese medical team’s visit to the school formed part of the students’ experience in their studies of the Chinese Language and culture as they demonstrated various TCM therapies.

The team leader, Dr Zhou Haijiang performed various TCM therapies, including acupuncture, cupping, massotherapy and scrapping, as well as the eight Chinese fitness exercises, to the keen students and explained how TCM is intertwined historically with Chinese culture.

One of the learners, Abiator Indongo, had a chance to experience tui na massage. “Wow, what a great experience it was,” he said,  describing it as a very relaxing muscle massages.

“I only started learning the Chinese language in the past three weeks, but so far it has been a great experience. I look forward to learning more,” he said.

Equally impressed, Emurensia Uahupirapi said the lessons in Chinese are amazing and the experience is great. “I love the language, it is interesting and fun to learn,” she said.

Uahupirapi who received a cupping therapy said the technique looks painful at first but it is relieving and she would recommend it to other people.

“My journey so far is full of learning. I hope one day I can visit China and learn more about their lifestyle and culture and maybe I can be able to grasp much more for the future,” she said.

The CI director at UNAM, Liu Dianbo, told Xinhua [news agency] that they recently started Chinese lessons at three different places. At Mao Zedong High School, for instance, there are three lessons per week.

Mao Zedong Principal, Elizabeth Bamm said that one of the highlights of this year was the reintroduction of Chinese classes after having been interrupted by  COVID-19.

“Our learners are very excited, they are learning and look forward to grasping more Chinese language and culture,” she said, commending the CI and the Chinese medical doctors for their continual support in making a difference in the lives of many Namibians.


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