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Cancer Association officially launches #MovemberNovember

Cancer Association officially launches #MovemberNovember

The Cancer Association of Namibia (CAN), on Thursday, formally launched the #MovemberNovember and challenged stakeholders to ‘open the blue can of worms, to address this very important topic of men’s wellness and health.

CAN CEO, Rolf Hansen said having a blue day or blue Monday, may seem disturbing, but this November the association and partners have encouraged Namibians to ‘go blue for a good cause.

“Are men afraid to speak up? Do men feel ashamed to say, I need help? We have seen this stigma around men’s physical health and cancer screening and now it pops up again with mental health issues,” added Hansen.

The association further said that not only are prostate cancer cases increasing, and according to the Global Cancer Observatory, estimates that prostate cancer will be the lead cancer in Namibia within the next 3 to 5 years, but alarming numbers of male depression and suicide are seen in the country too.

“Men’s health awareness, mental health, men’s cancer awareness, and in particular prostate cancer awareness are critical topics that need addressing,” they concluded.

Meanwhile, Pupkewitz Volkswagen has backed the campaign with a sponsorship of two vehicles for the duration of the #MovemberNovember to assist team CAN with the various roadshow and PSA-screening campaigns across the country.

(l-r)Franchise Director of Pupkewitz Motors, Nico Pieters, Marketing Manager of Pupkewitz Motors, Olivia Gentz, and Cancer Association of Namibia’s Chief Executive Officer Hansen at the #MovemberNovember launch and hand-over of sponsored vehicles.


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