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Agra ProVision takes animal husbandry north

Angelina Kanduvarisa, a researcher at Agra ProVision, demonstrates how to administer specialised veterinary medicine.

Angelina Kanduvarisa, a researcher at Agra ProVision, demonstrates how to administer specialised veterinary medicine.

Agra ProVision will host two information days to mentor and train farmers in the Northern Communal Areas on animal nutrition and health. The training sessions also provide feedback on two fully-funded Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) projects in which ProVision has been involved namely the Baseline Survey of Animal Nutrition and the Sero-Epidemiological and Parasite Survey in livestock.
The information days will take place at Oshandira Lodge in Oshakati on 10 March and in Rundu on 14 March at the Kavango Regional Auditorium.
The projects fall under the agriculture pillar of the Millenium Challenge Account Namibia and are conducted in the Northern Communal Areas with Agra ProVision as the professional implementing agent.

The two upcoming information days form part of a series of projects that have been done over the past three years to assist in the development of the agricultural sector, specifically targetting the reduction of poverty through efficient livestock production. At an information session held in Windhoek last year, Chief Executive Officer of Agra Peter Kazmaier emphasised the importance of the projects to contribute to the growth of agriculture in the Northern Communal Areas. “The information and research findings generated through this MCA mechanism has already contributed to the quality of life and social upliftment of the direct project beneficiaries; it has also backed Namibia’s good standing of delivering excellent applied research and technology services internationally,” Kazmaier said.
“Agra and its various divisions, including ProVision, have a keen interest in the successful development of Namibia’s communal areas into viable and profitable regions, and by this means supporting an ecological and economically sustainable value chain for agricultural production and rural development,” he said. Dagmar Honsbein, General Manager of Agra ProVision called on stakeholders in the agricultural sector including representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry, farmers’ unions and livestock producers, academics and the general public to attend the sessions.

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