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Telecom partners with OMDis to transform Oranjemund into a smart city

Telecom partners with OMDis to transform Oranjemund into a smart city

Telecom Namibia has partnered with the Town Transform Agency, OMDis to roll out new fiber routes in Oranjemund, an announcement released last week said.

This is a strategic project under Telecom’s operational plan, announced under its N$2,3 billion CAPEX programme to roll out digital infrastructure, funded from its cash flows.

Part of Telecom Namibia’s Capex plan is to accelerate the rollout of fiber to pass and connect thousands of homes, thereby improving the coverage of its existing 10,676 km (65.2% of the national coverage) national fiber backbone. This project will add 67,6 km of fiber to its existing national fiber backbone.

This investment will aid automation in various industries and boosts innovative product and service offerings. The company aims to connect more homes and businesses, with packages that start at 8Mbps and up to 120Mbps.

The two entities signed a joint partnership agreement cementing the relationship on 4 November in Oranjemund, which also served as the official launch of the Oranjemund Core Fibre Connectivity Project.

The agreement signals the serious intent of the two entities to invest in the expansion of digital technologies in Namibia, to enable the growth and development of digital services and digital communications. This joint investment ensures that the community of Oranjemund has the necessary infrastructure in place to enable its digital transformation.

Phase 1 of the planned joint investment of around twelve million, will commence in November, along the CBD area, and will take about 8 months to complete. The project will roll out 67.6 km of fiber and connect more than two thousand residential and business customers to the fiber-optic network.

The essence of any smart city is reliable connectivity, which means a robust telecommunication backbone.

Telecom Namibia’s Board Vice Chairperson Amanda Hauuanga said turning Oranjemund into a smart city requires ultra-reliable connectivity, which makes Telecom Namibia the perfect digital transformation partner.

“A smart city requires connectivity between the citizens, service providers, and government. Telecom Namibia understands the pivotal role connectivity plays in a smart city ecosystem and hence we believe we are the most suitable partner to help transform OMDis into just that, a smart city with all things digital,” expressed Hauuanga.

Hauuanga further stated that OMDis will be able to leverage what Telecom Namibia has to offer by providing data transparency and fiber technologies to connect and improve infrastructure, efficiency, convenience, and quality of life for residents of Oranjemund and visitors alike.

Tony Bessinger, OMDis General Manager, revealed that the diamond town will be the first town in southern Namibia to be fully covered with Fiber-optic technology which is considered the gold standard of network infrastructure because it offers faster speeds and more bandwidth.

“Oranjemund will be the first town in the south to be completely covered by high-speed fiber. It is a deal structured such that the cost-benefit of OMDis’ investment is passed on to the end user. High-speed internet at the cheapest price in Namibia,” he said.

Bessinger further revealed that placing the entire town of Oranjemund under affordable internet fiber connectivity will create possibilities not only for residents to advance their livelihoods but also for investors in other industries to create businesses locally. Oranjemund will become a more desirable destination for a growing digital population seeking new and exciting places to work from. It will transform how inhabitants are educated, how they live, and how they create value for themselves and the community, and thus the signing agreement ceremony is laying the foundation for a SMART City.

Telecom Namibia Chief Executive Officer, Stanley Shanapinda stated that the fiber infrastructure will propel Oranjemund Town’s digital transformation journey to become a smart city and will positively impact various strategic sectors, as identified by OMDiS.

“The partnership between OMDis and Telecom Namibia will positively impact sectors, such as tourism, industrial development, healthcare, agriculture, SME development, education, and property development. This partnership will advance a top-of-the-range telecommunication network infrastructure to position Oranjemund town as a smart city shortly and will assist Oranjemund to cement its position as a center for healthcare, agriculture, and education while opening opportunities for digital transformation, accessing enhanced digital and value-added services, like no other town in Namibia” he said.

Shanapinda also expressed that this project will set the benchmark for other towns, necessitating closer cooperation between town councils and the ICT sector in ensuring smart homes and businesses – a benchmark Telecom is positioned and experienced to emulate in any other given town.


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