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SUV with an attitude

The Range Rover Evoque which has won more than 130 awards globally, truly is remarkable vehicle. Its high-level appeal was recently confirmed in a People’s Wheels survey in South Africa where it received raving reviews from both current owners and wannabe owners. The sporty Evoque is the smallest, lightest and most fuel efficient Rover in the family of these sport utility vehicles. It has a luxurious and spacious interior, which, combined with its funky design, gives it a head start in the category for medium-sized sport utility vehicles. Many satisfied owners say it reflects their lifestyle and their personalities. Equipped with the proven and dependable Terrain Response System, the sporty SUV allows the driver to enjoy the best of both world’s whether it is in the streets of Windhoek or in the sand dunes  at the coast.

“The Range Rover Evoque continues to demonstrate its long-term appeal by remaining above the curve in terms of resale value, making it an intelligent purchase, not to mention being a great vehicle to own for the sheer pleasure of driving it,” said Nigel Clarke, Operations Director of Jaguar Land Rover sub-Sahara Africa, commenting on the results of the People’s Wheels survey. Engine wise the Evoque comes with a 2.0 litre turbocharged, four-cylinder engine, a six-speed automatic transmission, all-wheel drive and Land Rover’s Terrain Response System.  “Not only do dealers love having Range Rover Evoques on their showroom floor, but the public see it as one of the most inspirational vehicles on the road.”

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