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Central Bank to host 23rd annual symposium

Central Bank to host 23rd annual symposium

The Bank of Namibia will on Thursday host its 23rd Annual Symposium under the theme: “Maximising Economic Growth from Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy Sources in Namibia.”

The dialogue explores how Namibia can ensure maximum benefit from renewable and non-renewable resources, a statement released this week said.

The recent discoveries in oil and gas and green hydrogen serve as a backdrop to the timely dialogue. Extractive activities, including oil exploration, can have profound social and political impacts. Oil, christened “black gold,” undeniably fuels the global economy.

“Due to the enormous financial resources that can accrue from this industry, the discovery of oil in any location, particularly developing countries, is greeted with great optimism as it positively impacts development by creating jobs and entrepreneurship and providing vital infrastructure for remote communities, such as roads, electricity, education, and health. The dialogue will review possible options for the country to ensure ownership and maximum benefit for all Namibians,” the statement read.

The industry experts that will discuss and address critical challenges, benefits, and new initiatives that will enable the economic viability of these resources include Dr. Emma Haiyambo; Dr. Petter Nore, and Mr Anders Cajus Pedersen.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Mines and Energy, Hon. Tom Alweendo will officiate at the event.

A panel discussion will also explore and examine the potential benefits and risks of these initiatives. The panel will comprise Mr. James Mnyupe, Presidential Economic Advisor; Ms. Naadira Ogeer: Economic Advisor at the Commonwealth Secretariat and Ms. Maggy Shino, Petroleum Commissioner at the Ministry of Mines and Energy.


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