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Omaheke Governor invites Indonesian investors to look into and promote the region’s dairy industry

Omaheke Governor invites Indonesian investors to look into and promote the region’s dairy industry

The government of Indonesia is ready to develop cooperation with the regional government of Namibia. This message transpired between the Ambassador of Indonesia to Namibia, Wisnu Edi Pratignyo, and the Governor of Omaheke, Pijoo Nganate, during the Embassy of Indonesia visit to Gobabis, last week on 27 October.

During the meeting, Wisnu and Nganate exchanged of views on the possible field of cooperation, where Nganate invited Indonesian investors to invest in Omaheke to promote the dairy industry.

“We invited Indonesian investors to build a collection centre and milk processing facility as well as develop the abattoir in Omaheke,” said Nganate.

Ambassador Wisnu explained that Omaheke Regional Government could propose a grant from the government of Indonesia through Indonesia AID.

“Indonesia has a grant scheme called Indonesia Agency for International Development. To obtain the grant, Omaheke should provide a proposal,” he said.

Furthermore, Ambassador explained the possible cooperation in the field of vocational education to increase skills in human resources.

“Indonesia has vocational education at the secondary level education or secondary school. Vocational school students will gain the specific practical skills to prepare them for entering the labor market as well as creating their own business,” said Ambassador in his presentation about Indonesia vocational school.

To attain a better understanding of training institutions providing industry-specific and job-related technical skill areas, Ambassador Wisnu and the Governor visited Vocational Training Center (VTC) Omaheke, Community Skills Development Center (COSDEC) Gobabis, dan Omaheke Innovation Village (O-Space).

Meanwhile, the head of operations of COSDEC expressed her need to increase the number of instructors and upscale their skills. The training institutions currently working under the potential capacity due to limited budget, equipment, and a limited number of instructors.


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