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New substation and system upgrade double electricity capacity at Osona Village

New substation and system upgrade double electricity capacity at Osona Village

The GIPF experiment in peri-urban housing, Osono Village near Okahandja, has just seen its electricity supply doubled to make provision for increased current demand and for future expansions.

Reading a statement on behalf of the Minister of Mines and Energy, Hon Tom Alweendo, the Executive Director, Mr Simeon Negumbo, said “The infrastructure we are inaugurating today will enable Osona village to improve reliability, reduce network constraints, minimise unplanned interruptions, and allow for the expansion of the network to cater for future developments within Osona, of which I am told 500 houses are already under construction and are due to be completed within six months.”

After conclusion of the formalities, Mr Negumbo cut the ceremonial ribbon on the substation’s gates.

The new substation has a capacity of 2 megaWatt, effectively doubling the former 1 mW supply. It was officially inaugurated on Friday 28 October 2022.

The Executive Director of the Ministry of Mines and Energy, Mr Simeon Negumbo (left) aided by Mr Fritz Jacobs, cut the ribbon to open the gates to the new substation at Osona Village. When the main circuit breaker was flicked, Osona Village effectively had double the amount of electricity it previously had.


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