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Premiership action returns courtesy of Debmarine

Premiership action returns courtesy of Debmarine

Local football fanatics can look forward to some domestic action following Debmarine Namibia’s sponsorship of N$13 million to the Namibia Football Association.

The constant impediments hampering local football have been resolved, and football is ready to assume its mantle as the country’s premier sport code.

Chairperson of the FIFA Normalization Committee, Bisey /Uirab said in this instance, they particularly pay homage to Debmarine Namibia, as the partner who was willing to commit to sponsoring the country’s top-tier men’s league.

“The league’s name will be the Debmarine Namibian Premiership and will commence on the first weekend of November 2022,” added /Uirab. He expressed his gratitude towards Debmarine Namibia for still believing in the product of football

Executive Director of the Ministry of Sport, Youth and National Service, Mbumba Haitengela said the Ministry they are thrilled when corporate entities, both private and public, such as Debmarine Namibia, heed the call to meet the government halfway in reviving football in Namibia. “An active football league is the bedrock of all future national teams’ successes,” he added. He urged Namibians to learn from the past, live for today, and most importantly have a positive hope for tomorrow’s Premier League

Chief Executive Officer of Debmarine Namibia, Otto Shikongo said the respect they have for football is the fundamental reason for the sponsorship. “It is through your efforts, your team spirit, and disciple, on and off the field that will make the game entertaining and attractive,” said Shikongo.


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