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Full range retail experience at Rehoboth Shopping Centre

Full range retail experience at Rehoboth Shopping Centre

The Government Institutions Pension Fund (GIPF), through Old Mutual as fund manager, has taken up a N$90 million investment in the Rehoboth Shopping Centre. The investment is channelled through the Rehoboth Community Trust as Special Purpose Vehicle.

The fund’s General Manager Marketing and Stakeholder Engagement, Edwin Tjiramba, said the “GIPF prides itself in empowering experts in the industry such as Fund Managers and Special Purpose Vehicles to invest in projects nationwide that not only impact GIPF members but the entire country.”

“From over N$5.3 billion invested in Namibia through Unlisted Investments as of 31 March 2022, GIPF has injected over N$177 million into the Hardap region in projects ranging from solar energy, housing and retail property,” he said.

The Rehoboth Shopping Centre provides an allround shopping experience for the 30,000 strong community and also boasts a 3455 panel solar installation on the rooftop, generating about 3000 kW daily.

The anchor is Shoprite, augmented by a range of retail shops, take-away eateries and ATMs.

The shopping centre’s impact at community level is showcased until 11 November on One Africa TV, the NBC and the GIPF’s social channels.

At the recent inauguration of Rehoboth’s first modern shopping complex. From l to r: Managing Director of Old Mutual African Operations, Johannes !Gawaxab; fisheries minister Bernard Esau; GIPF chief executive officer David Nuyoma; Governor of Hardap Region, Katrina Hanse-Hirmarwa; Rehoboth mayor Eva Maasdorp; Member of Parliament Maureen Jankowski and DebMarine chief executive officer Otto Shikongo.

The Rehoboth Shopping Centre was officially opened on 10 October 2014.


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