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Okaukuejo waterhole to reach more audience as streaming goes live on DStv

Okaukuejo waterhole to reach more audience as streaming goes live on DStv

Namibia Wildlife Resorts (NWR) on Wednesday announced that the Okaukuejo waterhole live streaming camera is now available on Wild Earths DStv channel 183.

According to a statement from the Resorts, the initiative complements the already viral NWR Live YouTube channel launched in April, with viewership reaching as high as 1000 wildlife enthusiasts per day.

To enhance customer experience, NWR partnered with Wild Earth to allow for the viewing of waterhole action footage as it unfolds at the most famous waterhole in Namibia, reaching an audience of about 5 million people globally every month, the statement added.

This initiative is a first for Namibia, whereby a live stream camera showcases the wildlife that Namibia offers, complemented with expert commentary from trained naturalists.

Using a combination of LIVE broadcasting, expert naturalists, interactivity, community, and a point-of-view shooting style, partnering up with WildEarth will help millions of viewers feel remotely present in nature without increasing their footprint.

Viewers return again and again to these LIVE broadcasts from the exact locations. This experience excites NWR as an organisation as it will make wildlife enthusiasts curious to the point where they want to travel to Etosha National Park in particular and Namibia in general.

The live waterhole stream broadcasts on the flagship SafariLIVE sunrise for three hours in the morning and SafariLIVE sunset for four hours in the afternoon. SafariLIVE sunrise is available from 6.30 am to 9.30 am CAT, and SafariLIVE sunset is open from 2.30 pm to 6.30 pm CAT.

Meanwhile, this show discusses the Okaukuejo Waterhole with an expert guide. On the live stream, viewers can watch the wildlife at the Okaukuejo Resort waterhole throughout the day on NWR’s Youtube page.


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