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Zambian President tours national oil storage facility, emphasises bilateral trade

Zambian President tours national oil storage facility, emphasises bilateral trade

While on a visit to Walvis Bay to inspect the Zambian dry port in the harbour, the Zambian President, HE Hakainde Hichilema also visited the national oil storage facility including the North Port tanker jetty and the oil terminal.

The national oil storage facility is seen as a potential facilitator of increased trade between Namibia and Zambia. President Hichilema emphasised the bilateral nature of relations between the two neighbours, saying “These bilateral relations are critical to the Zambian economy, as we are here to learn from our counterparts. The effective and consistent utilisation of this port will be key to the success of this corridor. Zambia is no longer a landlocked country; it has become a land-linked country. Let us work together.”

In conjunction with the Zambian dry port operated by Namport on behalf of the Zambian sovereign, the national oil storage facility can play a key role in the Zambian Namibian trade corridor, which to date, has carried mostly only copper.

The 75 million litre national oil storage facility has increased the fuel supply on Namibian territory from one week to one month.

The Zambian president, HE Hakainde Hichilema (third from left) in discussion with Namcor’s Terminal Manager, Ellis Egumbo (left), the Namcor Managing Director, Immanual Mulunga (centre right) and the company’s Supply and Logistics Executive, Cedric Willemse (right).


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