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Live, work and travel in Namibia with the Digital Nomad Visa

Live, work and travel in Namibia with the Digital Nomad Visa

Namibia’s this week launched the Digital Nomad Visa which enables foreign professionals to live, work and travel hassle-free in Namibia for a period of up to six months.

The new visa, which will be available to freelancers or people working remotely for companies outside of Namibia, offers an easy process for foreign nationals to live and work in Namibia.

It further presents an opportunity to diversify and transform the Namibian business ecosystem and contribute to the economic development of the country, by attracting talented individuals who can inject foreign currency into the country.

Chief Executive of the Namibia Investment Promotion & Development Board, Nangula Uaandja said after a discussion with the Ministry of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety, and Security, it was agreed that the existing legislative framework offers an opportunity to leverage this proposed instrument, which presents good potential for Namibians to thrive.

We have identified that there is an opportunity to attract and gain economic benefit from people who want to work, live and travel in Namibia, without absorbing Namibian jobs,” said Uaandja.

Director of Immigration, Nehemia Nghishekwa the ministry’s systems and processes need to be modernised and respond to the current demands, adding that they are currently refining digital infrastructure to enable applicants to complete their entire application and payment process online.

While we complete that process in the next two to three months, we are looking forward to starting welcoming and processing applications by the first remote workers, through the current systems and processes, with immediate effect,” added Nghishekwa.

With this initiative, Namibia joins many countries whose tourism sectors have been affected negatively due to a reduction in global travel and began offering specific visas to remote workers such as Digital Nomad Visas.

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