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Last day for using Petrol Cards

This Friday, 28 February, marks the very last day on which service stations will accept petrol cards as medium of payment for fuel. Earlier this month, the Bankers Association of Namibia (BAN) warned the public about the looming garage/petrol card phase out in order to prepare themselves to make alternative arrangements when purchasing fuel at petrol stations.
According to a Bank of Namibia regulation, filling stations will no longer be allowed to accept petrol cards as legal tender for fuel purchases, spare parts, or repairs as from 28 February this year. For consumers this regulation ultimately means that no petrol or garage cards will be accepted for fuel purchases after this date.

BAN said customers still have the option to pay cash or use their bank’s credit/debit cards, or even their fleet card when filling up or having a vehicle car serviced. This applies from Saturday 01 March.
“The method of payment as from the 1st of March is all about paying either cash, or using your debit or credit cards when filling up your tank at filling stations. From our side BAN will consistently engage with fuel stations to persuade them to accept debit/credit cards for convenience sake,” said BAN Chairman Mpumzi Pupuma.
He advises, however, that the onus is also upon the consumer to approach the various filling stations to find out their method of payment, in order to find an alternative and convenient way of purchasing fuel.
This week FNB Namibia also advised its customers that debit and credit cards as well as cash will be the only means of payment after 28 February 2014. All banks have been advising clients for numerous months on the phasing out of these cards, which stems from a new regulation, the Determination on the Conduct of Card Transactions within the National Payment System (PSD-4), issued by the Bank of Namibia. This came into effect on 30 June 2013.
Motorists can refill with their debit/ credit card but FNB warns that motorists should first find out whether the service station takes these cards, as they can exercise their right to only accept cash for fuel purchases.  Vehicle operators have a last chance to arrange alternative payment methods. The contact details of the various banks and associations are the following:
Standard Bank Namibia – Toll free number: 081 9286 or Tel: (+26461) 294 2136
Bank Windhoek – Tel: (+26461) 299 1200
First National Bank Namibia -Tel: (+26461) 299 2999
Nedbank – Tel: (+26461) 295 2222
Payment Association of Namibia – Tel: (+26461) 415 420
SME Bank – Tel: (+26461) 430 1000 or 430 1106.

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