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Hydroponic plant handed over to DHPS

Hydroponic plant handed over to DHPS

A hydroponic plant that will supply fresh vegetables and herbs was recently displayed in the Deutsche Hohere Privatschule (DHPS) school garden. The plant will also raise awareness and knowledge of young people about the regional production of healthy food and the importance of sustainable projects.

Public Relation Coordinator at DHPS, Tina Cruys said the plant was financed by donations from the Social-ecological association for the promotion of German Namibian cooperation (SeGeNa) and installed by a Namibian company.

“True to our mission statement, sustainability is a central concern of ours, and the people involved in the project are spread throughout the school community, members of the group ‘Green Science DHPS- Sustainable’, the school canteen, and the boarding school, but also the school management and the administration will be involved in the maintenance of the newly created hydroponic system,” added Cruys.

This was an initiative of an alumna of DHPS who established contact between the school and SeGeNa e.V.

Handover of the Hydroponic system to DHPS, (l-r) Carsten Osthus, Vice Principal at DHPS, Peter Uushona, Facility Manager at DHPS, Uwe Rauhut Abitur Coordinator at DHPS, Charles Mambadzo, from Eden Green Fields, Almuth Schwarting, Educator at DHPS Boarding School, Dr. Jens Dautz, Chairman SeGeNa e.V, Monique Binneman, Kitchen Manager at DHPS and Kristin Eichholz, Principal at DHPS.


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