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FNCC to host African Thread Exhibition

FNCC to host African Thread Exhibition

The African Thread Exhibition, an exhibition of traditional textiles from Sub-Saharan Africa will be showcased from 6 October to 14 October, with free entrance at the Franco-Namibian Cultural Centre (FNCC). The exhibition will run from Monday to Thursday from 08:00 to 17:00 on Friday from 08:00 to 13:00.

FNCC said the exhibition aims to accompany the visitor on a voyage linking many African countries with an imaginary thread based on the art of weaving because weaving is of great importance in many African cultures and traditional weavers occupy an important role in African societies.

“About the Ricoveri collection of African art being exhibited at the FNCC, they were collected by Marcello and Maria Cristina Ricoveri over the last forty years in the many African Countries where Marcello was posted as an Italian diplomat, they come mainly from Western Africa, the Great Lakes Region and the Horn of Africa and represent excellent examples of traditional African art weaving,” added the FNCC.

FNCC further said African textiles also have significance as historical documents, offering perspectives in cases where written historical accounts are unavailable and almost all the textiles displayed were woven with local products like cotton and Raphia, on traditional looms, using traditional techniques.

“The Dogon of Mali, for example, believe that spinning and weaving thread can be likened to human reproduction and the notion of rebirth African textiles are used in many traditional ceremonies and dances because their colour is often of significance and is representative of specific qualities and attributes of the person wearing them,” added FNCC

“As a vector of French and universal values, we contribute to the promotions of Francophonie and culture and culture as well as the arts of Namibia and France, in all their dimensions,” they concluded.


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