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Zimi charge to present its mobile charging stations at Green Energy Africa Summit 2022

Zimi charge to present its mobile charging stations at Green Energy Africa Summit 2022

The Green Energy Africa Summit (GEAS) will give start-up companies an opportunity to connect with industry leaders and government officials through its Energy Investment Village, which features a selection of the most compelling local clean-tech projects. The companies will have the chance to pitch to energy leaders holding potential investments worth more than $100 billion.

The Energy Investment Village is a partnership with the Saldanha Bay Innovation Campus (SBIC), an initiative of Freeport Saldanha, and the advisory firm the Research Institute for Innovation and Sustainability (RIIS).

One of the companies chosen for this incredible opportunity this year is Zimi Charge. The company provides mobile charging stations for vehicles throughout South Africa. The company is investing in charging stations to build the electric vehicle infrastructure. The company’s target is to help those who participate in e-commerce deliveries, e-hailing, grocery deliveries, restaurant deliveries, last-mile logistics, package delivery, and car rentals.

Zimi Charge CEO Michael Maas states, “We are very excited about attending the summit. The opportunity to pitch for funding will directly enable us to scale sustainable electric vehicle charging in Africa. The initiative is an excellent platform for us to meet funders, explore partnerships, and scale our business.”

The company has been assisting brick-and-mortar enterprises with becoming more sustainable or offering their communities sustainable options. “We are also interested in expanding our partnerships with stakeholders across Africa in the energy, logistics, and e-mobility space,” Maas added.

Electric vehicles and trucks are a growing market across the continent. The installation of electric car charging stations is gaining momentum in Africa as investors look to exploit what will develop into a multimillion-dollar market opportunity driven by a growing demand for e-mobility. According to Data Bridge researchers, over the 2022-2029 period, the market is expected to grow from a valuation of $129.85 million in 2021 to $9.39 billion.

Zimi Charge is offering enterprises the opportunity for private electrical charging units for their own fleets. Businesses may also be able to discuss peer-to-peer electric vehicle charging at their facilities with the CEO of Zimi Charge.


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