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National Readathon Week launched

National Readathon Week launched

The National Readathon Week was launched earlier this week, to educate learners about the ongoing climate change challenges that the country and the world are facing.

Readathon is a week of reading arrangement held every last week of September, where children and young people in schools are pledged to read various quantities and different types of reading materials accompanied by games, dramas, and plays.

This year, the week is running under the theme titled “Read Namibia: Understand the impacts of climate change on key economic sectors and livelihoods in Namibia.”

Speaking at the launch, Ministry of Education Arts and Culture Deputy Executive Director Gerard Vries said a theme has been carefully picked to enlighten learners about the impacts climate change poses on the key economic sectors such as agriculture, fisheries, tourism, health, energy, and livelihoods in Namibia, and how they can be mitigated.

“In reaction to the impact of climate change, we persuade all learners, teachers, parents, and every other person to read information, particularly about the ways to reduce climate change,” he said.

The curriculum in readathon is based on developing children’s ability to successfully decode and build fluency, while enjoying being read to regularly, at home, and in school, to fully appreciate the magic of books and expand their knowledge which ultimately impacts their reading comprehension. (Xinhua)


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