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DHPS stages the Gods of Olympics musical

DHPS stages the Gods of Olympics musical

The Deutsche Hohere Privateschule Windhoek (DHPS) held a musical titled; the Gods of Olympics on 15 September.

The moral of the Gods Olympics highlighted that when everyone works together, exceptional and unique things are created within a comprehensive bigger picture.

Musical Director of the Play, Martina Visser said the sense of community was evident not only in the script, but also among the helpers in the background and the performers on stage.

“The kids were amazing, they understood the script, even started improvising and fully immersed with the topic of unity in diversity. All in all, it was a great team effort, starting from the stunning stage design to the costumes and the musical and acting performances of the cast,” said Visser.

Involved in the play were DHPS learners from grade 4 to l7, the theatre children, the singers, the drummers, and a band of adults who all could not wait to finally stage a great show together again after three years.

The musical was about the gods on Mount Olympus, who are constantly fighting about who may be the best god. The gods’ parents Hera and Zeus have had enough of the bickering and they decide to host an Olympiad.

The gods are sent to earth to prove themselves on who can lead mankind’s fortunes best and consequently, will be the better good. After they all fail, Apollo’s muses decide to leave their gods and take matters into their own hands, and they succeed and manage to turn each human being into a unique individual.


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