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Diamond miner supports brown hyaena research in Tsau Khaeb National Park

Diamond miner supports brown hyaena research in Tsau Khaeb National Park

A carnivore researcher that works exclusively in the Tsau Khaeb National Park, a former restricted diamond area, has just received a N$60,000 sponsorship from Sperrgebiet Diamond Mining, in support of her work to protect one of the Namib’s more elusive predators.

The Brown Hyaena Research Project, founded by Dr Ingrid Wiesel, is dedicated to the conservation of the unique brown hyena population and their habitat along the coastline of the southern Namib. Known as the Hyaena Lady, she is assisted in her research by PhD student, Marie Lemerle.

But like many research organisations, their work depends on the goodwill of donors, which have become scarce following two years of Covid interruptions. Relief came from the new operator of the former Namdeb diamond mine at Elizabeth Bay, Sperrgebiet Diamond Mining.

Since the diamond company is active in an area that forms part of the natural distribution of the brown hyaena, the mine deemed it appropriate to support Dr Wiesel. In recognizing the importance of safeguarding this species and its habitat, the miner committed to a sponsorship for research on hyaena conservation.

Sperrgebiet Diamond Mining, in conjunction with Ghost Town Tours at Kolmanskop recently hosted a joint film crew from the USA and South Africa. The crew visited the Lüderitz area for the filming of some scenes for an upcoming TV series commissioned by Amazon Studios.

While filming in Sperrgebiet Diamond Mining licensed areas, the crew were assisted by, and collaborated with, the Brown Hyaena Research Project team. In recognition of this assistance, the film producers have also made a financial contribution to the valuable work of the research project.

Since its inception, Sperrgebiet Diamond Mining has been focused on making impactful and responsive contributions to Lüderitz and its community.


Photograph by Shannon Strauss



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