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Giving rural schools equal opportunities – EduVision to deliver more online e-learning to rural schools

Giving rural schools equal opportunities – EduVision to deliver more online e-learning to rural schools

Paratus Group has pledged over N$2 million worth of satellite equipment and infrastructure, technical support, consulting, and capital to help EduVision deliver online e-learning to more rural schools throughout the country.

This was said by Paratus Executive Chairman, Barney Harmse at a presentation he gave to the members of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Information on the effectiveness of the EduVision programme held last week.

He explained that EduVision provides remote and under-served schools with access to first-class teaching via digital interactive platforms.

“Without a stable and secure internet connection, this type of e-learning is simply not possible, because, providing connectivity to schools in under-served areas is an important part of the Paratus promise to transform Africa through exceptional digital infrastructure and customer service,” added Harmse.

Harmse further said EduVison is a beacon of educational light. “It is providing online teaching not only to students but also providing the most technologically effective and efficient teaching tools and skills to schools, no matter how remote they are, and we are proud to partner with EduVision and help unlock and un-limit the potential of Namibia’s future leaders and innovators,” he said.

Paratus has helped EduVison connect numerous schools and over 10,000 learners, directly and indirectly, thousands of additional learners benefit from the learning materials received online since 2018.


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