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Life through the eyes of a voter

About 60 San gather in a tent in Reitfontein. The NBC has driven over 200 plus kilometres to witness these first time voters joining the SWAPO Party. Kilus Nguvauva addresses them and not in his native Otjiherero which all of them understand but rather in English spelling out the plans his party has to bring about much needed change. He has the party manifesto in front but pays no attention to it. Much of the focus is historical and he gives an account of the SWAPO Party’s tireless efforts to bring about a free and independent Namibia. He draws on the heroic conquests of Charles Stanley and the many hundred SWAPO cadres he helped safely cross the border into Botswana. The Ndilimani Cultural Troupe prepare to launch their much anticipated album. The ten track album offers much comic relief to the cadres but also arouses an emotion as old struggle songs are sang in which accounts are given of how the Boers were defeated in the border war. Hidipo Hamutenya and his Rally for Democracy counterparts bear the brunt of the insults dished out, a tribute song for former president Sam Nujoma is there and also a track that highlights Pohamba’s presidency. The album rounds off with a song hailing SWAPO president Hage Geingob and this is pushed as the title track to the album. Petrus Iilonga is dressed to the nines in his beloved red, green and blue two piece suit yielding his fist into the air, singing his lungs out, to the full delight of many journalists covering the event. Fittingly, Hage’s face makes the cover of the album. By now, every shack in Windhoek has an A5 poster of the SWAPO president glued to the door. An RDP flag graces a tree somewhere in the Omusati Region, probably put up late at night when no one was awake to witness it. Villagers are not happy as should be expected and this makes the NBC news at eight. The RDP cries foul as the flag is rudely taken off and destroyed. The flag was hung and flew full blast in a SWAPO stronghold. A 1987 Toyota Hilux stands a few metres away from the tree. Two flags are attached to its roll bar with very big SWAPO flags flapping in the wind. A SWAPO scarf covers the dashboard, 3 A5 posters cover the left and right front doors and the bonnet bearing the image of president in waiting Hage Geingob. The situation is no different in Windhoek. Masses of RDP supporters gather in the Greenwell Matongo Constituency and are met with animosity from the rowdy SPYL. Elsewhere in the Kunene Region the United Democratic Front edges forward, determined to hold onto power. Ou Lucky’s Nissan 1400 bakkie makes way for the stadium fully laden with the club open. Ou Justus is bowing out and making way for a new leader. Ma /gaisa artist Phura belts out his hits of yesteryear. A number of 3 legged black pots lead to the entrance. The smell of donkey meat hangs in the air as one pot is opened and Ousie Hendrina neatly serves the faithful UDF supporters. Chief Justus Garoeb rises up and gracefully addresses the crowd in his finest Damara english. Otjiherero Paramount Chief Kuama Riruako is met by loud cheers at the Commando Hall. Isuzu and Toyota bakkies line Clemens Kapuo Street as a horde of Otjiherero men rise up from their camping chairs to greet their leader. Its the launch of the NUDO manifesto and Otjihereo men from as far as Eiseb have come to witness the affair. Dawned in his signature khaki suit with a kierie he heads for the hall and not a single woman is in sight. Hang on, for the political silly season is now in full swing.

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