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Capricorn Foundation and UNAM Law School support Children Life Change Orphanage

Capricorn Foundation and UNAM Law School support Children Life Change Orphanage

The Capricorn Foundation, through the Grotius Firm, handed over food products and items worth N$10,000 to the Children Life Change Centre and Kindergarten.

The Grotius Firm of the University of Namibia (UNAM) Law School is made up of 4th-year law students who are tasked with carrying out a community impact project for assessment purposes.

“The Grotius Firm identified the Children Life Change Centre and Kindergarten after consulting various orphanages in Windhoek. We learned that the orphanage has no monthly income, and since the COVID-19 lockdown, they could not attend to their field in the north, which was the orphanage’s main source of living. We then reached out to stakeholders to donate towards the orphanage for the betterment of their circumstances,” said Ms. Iyaloo Hamulungu, Legal Aid and Professional Ethics Lecturer.

“The Capricorn Foundation aspires to be a Connector of Positive Change by being accountable to ourselves and our stakeholders. We hope that this sponsorship will make a positive impact on the Children Life Change Orphanage and Kindergarten to carry out its mission: to create a safe space for children, to provide health, recreation, and basic education for the over 60 children that it cares for” said Marlize Horn, Executive Officer of the Capricorn Foundation.

“We further commend the Grotius Firm on their efforts of creating impact within our local communities and hope that the spirit of empathy will always be a part of their journey”, Horn concluded.


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