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Miss Namibia title holders to show off ‘land of the brave’ on a global scale at four different international competitions

Miss Namibia title holders to show off ‘land of the brave’ on a global scale at four different international competitions

Four representatives will represent the country on different international platforms for the first time in Miss Namibia history, Umbi Karuaihe-Upi, Miss Namibia National Pageant Director announced in a statement this week.

The Miss Namibia title holders have been selected to represent Namibia at the Miss Universe 2022, Miss World 2022, Miss Earth 2022, and Miss Teen International 2022 pageants.

Miss Namibia 2022 title holder Cassia Sharpley (21) will represent Namibia at Miss Universe 2022, Miss Namibia First Runner Up, Leone Van Jaarsveld (26) to Miss World 2022, and Miss Namibia Second Runner Up, Diana Andimba (23) to represent Namibia at the Miss Earth 2022 competition, and Miss Teen Namibia, Zoe Karsten (17) to represent the country at Miss Teen International 2022.

The titles and honour to participate in these international pageants present each candidate personally, not only with a life-changing opportunity but also with national responsibilities and obligations.

Karuaihe-Upi reiterated that participation in international pageants not only empowers young women but also promotes local tourism on global platforms.

She added: “We get to show off Namibia on a global scale whilst our candidates calibrate on a higher level of consciousness proudly powered by the NBC giant and serving under the broadcasters NBC Cares banner to go hand in hand with the Beauty for Charity causes which each candidate will carry out.”

Miss Universe Namibia, Cassia Sharpley hails from Windhoek and focuses her “Beauty for Charity” project on poverty alleviation, mainly her own project, the Honeycomb Haven Foundation project. The three sectors of poverty-focused on by the project are individual, absolute, and generational poverty which acts as a haven of hope and a catalyst of endless opportunities for troubled youth. The project was inspired by Cassia’s involvement in charitable events since the age of 10. With her parents being preachers, their sole purpose as a family was to give back to the community, and Cassia was actively present throughout the years

“It is not much about who we meet but about the impact, we leave behind with them. People are people through other people,” said Sharpley.

Miss World Namibia, Leone Van Jaarsveld comes from the coastal town of Namibia, Swakopmund, and is motivated by her dedication to her goals and informing the youth that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Van Jaarsveld promises to carry Namibia’s flag with pride and confidence as she uses this platform to bring visibility and recognition with regard to awareness to national non-profit organizations.

Her “Beauty with a Purpose” project will focus on empowering founding supporters of such causes of goodwill to keep up the excellent work and to attract the attention of prospective sponsors and unification within her community.

“These projects enable growth and sustainability within Namibian regions and more underprivileged persons will attain aid to enhance a livelihood. My aim as the founder of LR Youth Support, a registered NGO, is to narrow the Gap between the haves and have-nots to ensure less economic burdens” she stated. Her vision focuses on economic emancipation for all.
Miss Earth Namibia, Diana Andimba, comes from Windhoek with her love for Namibian Fauna focusing on the world’s most trafficked mammal, the pangolin. Trafficked more than rhinos and elephants, it plays an important role in the ecosystem.

Andimba stated: “My objective will be to support the conservation and protection of pangolins and their habitats across the African continent, raise awareness, locally and internationally, about the plight of the pangolin and their value within ecosystems and implement projects which promote reducing the trade and trafficking of pangolins.” She added that she will use the Miss Earth platform to educate the public and conservation agencies by taking a stand against pangolin trafficking.

Last but not least, Miss Teen International Namibia, Zoe Karsten, born and raised in the capital city, Windhoek, has been very passionate about promoting charity work that is attainable by teenagers, one of those being blood donation. Anyone over the age of 16 can donate their blood which is a daily matter of life and death in hospitals all over the world. By donating blood, the youth can make a selfless decision to help a stranger. As a young entrepreneur, she also feels it is important to not only work hard for customers but also give back to causes financially such as the Namibian Cancer Association. In these ways, Zoë transcends borders to show that no matter your age, giving back is something anyone can do.


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