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Ohlthaver & List joint venture to set up hydrogen pilot plant, refuelling station

Ohlthaver & List joint venture to set up hydrogen pilot plant, refuelling station

Ohlthaver & List (O&L) company, Cleanergy has been awarded a grant for the setting up of a Hydrogen pilot plant and refueling station in the Erongo region.

The project is one of the four local projects to benefit from €30 million (over N$500 million in German-backed funding for the development of green hydrogen in Namibia.

O&L and CMB.TECH, who jointly own Cleanergy, announced Namibia’s first green hydrogen production plant in February 2022. The construction is expected to start this year with the aim to be operational by the end of 2023.

Depending on the results of the demonstration plant, a larger-scale production plant will follow in a second phase, possibly using ammonia as a transport fuel.

Globally green hydrogen has been hailed as a vital carrier of non-fossil energy and worldwide countries are trying to decarbonize their industries and guide economies towards a greener energy future.

“We know that Namibia has vast potential to develop a strong green hydrogen industry and become a key player in global energy markets. We have all the ingredients necessary (wind, sun, and seawater) to develop a sustainable green hydrogen industrial base to drive socio-economic growth and O&L is pleased to be one of the forerunners in this new industry in our country,” said Eike Krafft, Group Director: Innovations at the O&L.

The award was announced at the Namibia National Green Hydrogen Conference which was held in the capital last week.


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