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Silver for local u19 beach volleyball team in Zambia

Silver for local u19 beach volleyball team in Zambia

A Namibian u19 beach volleyball team scored silver medals in Zambia last week when they beat eleven other participating teams but lost against the Botswana team in the finals.

Eric Sack and Fabian Biederlack, together with two other Namibian teams, Roman Dainat and Max Krafft, and sisters Romy and Piroschka Lück, travelled all the way to the Zambian side of Lake Kariba to participate in a zone tournament since no official Zone 6 tournament has been scheduled for 2022 for u19 players.

In the Ladies category, the Lück sisters scored fifth place while Dainat and Krafft managed a ninth position among the Men. The two silver medal winners, Sack and Biederlack, took the second spot after playing the Botswana team of Jack and Chiswaniso.

The director for beach volleyball in the Namibian Volleyball Federation, Achim Lück, was elated over Sack and Biederlack’s second place, saying that this achievement compensated the group for all the effort and time put into training and travel.

The three Namibian teams were commended by the chairman of the Zambian Volleyball Association when the medals were awarded.

Eric Sack and Fabian Biederlack (front centre, left and right) took the second spot at an u19 beach volleyball tournament at Kariba, Zambia.


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