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Download app to be part of AA’s Smart Drive Challenge

Download app to be part of AA’s Smart Drive Challenge

The Automobile Association (AA) Namibia announced this week that it will formally start the local leg of an an international smart drive campaign on 01 September 2022.

A gathering of motor clubs, road safety advocacy groups, the MVA, the Roads Authority and the Women in Road Safety Forum attended an information session to prepare for the actual start of the campaign next week Thursday.

The FIA Smart Driving Challenge is a global competition that allows everyday drivers to be rewarded for their smart, safe and eco-responsible driving. The challenge was initiated by the International Automobile Federation (FIA) and the Swedish company Greater Than. As a member of FIA, AA Namibia is the local partner to steer the challenge.

The AA explained that smart driving is about driving in a way that is safe, respectful to the environment and responsible. General recommendations include to adapt the driving speed to current road conditions, to drive defensively, anticipate conditions and eventualities, to drive gently and sedately, and to keep other road users in mind.

The challenge is open for everyone. It’s simple to join and free of charge. First, download the app, then select the country – Namibia, connect your mobile phone to your car’s infotainment system via Bluetooth, and very similar to apps monitoring your exercise regime, let the app and the phone record how you drive and what you do.

The FIA Smart Drive Challenge is all about improved driving, making roads safer, and helping to give the environment a green push.


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