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O&L launches new ad agency

Weathermen & Co. Managing Director, Nicky Schermer.

Weathermen & Co. Managing Director, Nicky Schermer.

A new advertising agency, Weathermen & Co Advertising, was officially launched by its parent, the Ohlthaver & List Group, at the end of January. Following almost a year of scouting, O&L announced it has found the ideal creative partner in The Jupiter Drawing Room, the renowned advertising agency from Cape Town.
Weathermen & Co was formed after initial discussions between O&L and the former owner of DV8, Mark Bongers, did not lead to a workable agreement. Bongers left the industry after the controversial allegations of bribery against high-profile lawyer Dirk Conradie, in the allocation of a lucrative advertising deal. Seeing the opportunity to establish an in-house agency, O&L then pursued DV8 as a possible partner.

O&L said last week it has had a long relationship through its subsidiary, Namibia Breweries Ltd, with The Jupiter Drawing Room in Cape Town
Mike Reilly from the Ohlthaver & List Group and Managing Director of Brandtribe – a subsidiary of the O&L Group said: “As more companies enter the African market, we believe creating world class brands and communication strategies are key components to developing a competitive advantage. This unique joint venture will bring together the best of creativity, global advertising best practice, and proven brand management in a very real way.  We are extremely excited to be in a position to share this breakthrough with like-minded brands.”
Weathermen & Co. is headed by newly appointed Managing Director, Nicky Schermer, who previously held the position of Group Account Director at The Jupiter Drawing Room, handling the Namibia Breweries account.

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