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NAMDIA Foundation launches bursary scheme for less privileged school leavers

NAMDIA Foundation launches bursary scheme for less privileged school leavers

The Namib Desert Diamonds (NAMDIA) on Wednesday officially launched the NAMDIA Foundation Bursary Scheme for 12 less privileged children in honour of Zacharias Lewala.

“The bursary scheme is open to all Namibians under the age of 25 years who wish to pursue full-time studies at a recognized tertiary education institution and are in possession of a Senior Secondary Certificate (NSSCO) or equivalent, permitting registration as a student,” democracy,” the Foundation said in a statement.

Accordingly, the bursaries will be awarded meritoriously to young and hardworking grade 12 school leavers that have been accepted for tertiary studies at tertiary institutions in Namibia and SADC.

Under this scheme, the Foundation aims to award 14 bursaries valued at N$200,000 maximum per year to one student from each region annually to pursue their tertiary education.

“An above average academic performance in Grade 12 April and August exams and the final year-end results are required to be 30 points and above. The bursary is granted for one field of study and each applicant can only participate once in the scheme for the full completion of a qualification in a particular field of study.”

The NAMDIA Board of Director Chairman, Bryan Eiseb, said the personal circumstantial inability to fund the education of a Namibian child should not hinder them in aspiring for success.

“This is why schemes of this nature remain an essential catalyst to change society. As Namibians, we must work hard to change our country’s course and fortunes. At NAMDIA, we are excited to be part of realizing that change by providing the means to educate one child at a time,” he added.

Further, an added advantage will be given to qualifications in the diamond industry value chain and in the scares skills fields, including but not limited to the fields of Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Environmental Scientist, Climate Change Scientist, Agricultural Scientist, Industrial Engineer, Mining and Vocational Educational Training. In addition, students from the marginalised communities who meet the criteria will receive preference in the selection, the statement continued.

In addition to the eligibility criteria applicants must provide Grade 12 academic final exam performance results; admission confirmation from an Institution of Higher learning; comprehensive CV, inclusive of certified copies of national identification documents, final Grade 12 transcript or certificate; submit a motivation why he/she wants to be awarded a bursary; provide provisional costing of the total programme if possible and provide a time frame of his/her study. Applicants must also be prepared to attend an interview conducted by the internal Bursary Committee.

“Upon the sole discretion and selection by NAMDIA and upon successful completion of studies, depending on the specific field of study, bursary recipients will be expected to enter into full/part-time or contractual employment with NAMDIA if requested to do so. Alternatively, students will be required to work anywhere in Namibia for a period equivalent to the years of a study funded by NAMDIA.”

The Minister of Higher Education, Technology and Innovation, Dr. Itah Kandjii-Murangi outlined that tertiary education benefits not just the individual, but society as a whole. “Graduates of tertiary education are more environmentally conscious, have healthier habits, and have a higher level of civic participation. Tertiary education prepares individuals not only by providing them with adequate and relevant job skills but also by preparing them to be active members of our communities and societies,” Kandjii-Murangi said.

“Our youth, like our diamonds are one of the most valuable resources of our nation. And like diamonds, to become sparkling works of art and wonder our youth depend on our relentless backing and commitment to polish their passions, talents, and skills to become bright shining beacons of success for our nation,” said Lelly Usiku, Acting Chief Executive of NAMDIA.

She highlighted that this is the Foundation’s biggest long-term humanitarian commitment yet, adding that she profoundly believes in the positive impact it will have on fellow Namibians.

Applicants are invited to visit the NAMDIA website and download the application form. The submission deadline is 31 October 2022 for next year’s tertiary education students.

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