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Green Enterprise Solutions bags Lenovo ISG-SADC partner of the year award

Green Enterprise Solutions bags Lenovo ISG-SADC partner of the year award

Local tech company, Green Enterprise Solutions walked away with Lenovo’s Channel Award at an annual award show held recently.

This award goes to Lenovo’s Channel Partners that have excelled in their business, with Green winning in the category, ISG-SADC partner, in the financial year 2021/2022.

The event was attended by Lenovo’s partners from South Africa and the rest of the SADC regions. The award celebrated the achievements of its partners and distributors over the past year in the region.

Green bagged the award as a Lenovo partner and distributor in promoting the Lenovo brand for channel engagement, certifications, target achievements, and revenue growth. About 27 winners were announced at the event.

“Winning this award means so much to Green, to be recognized by Lenovo on a SADC level shows that we as an IT company are doing very well and motivates us to keep servicing our clients in the region as best as we can,” said Kehad Snydewel, Managing Director of Green.

The vision of Green is to be the leading provider of innovation of ICT solutions throughout Africa. As one of the few ICT companies in Namibia and as this award demonstrates, Green has managed to make the jump to regional markets and will continue to develop these markets.

Green learned to adapt to the new business and economic environment making them one of the best ICT companies in Namibia. The award recognizes the work and dedication to being an innovative leader in the development and provision of ICT solutions and services.

“We have always recognised all our channel partners as an extension of our own Lenovo teams. Within these partnerships, we can ensure that our customers receive the services they need. We know that these key strategic partners are fundamental to our success.” says newly appointed General Manager for Southern Africa, Yugen Naidoo

The partnership has been at the forefront of Green’s business, with both local and international vendors in mind. This award pushes Green Enterprise Solutions to drive innovation for their customers and foster strong long-term relationships and partnerships both locally and regionally.

The other key highlights of the event were “Digital Transformation in Southern Africa” since Covid-19 has led serve socioeconomic consequences in many countries. Digital technology is seen as a great opportunity to build economic growth by creating jobs, reducing poverty, and improving access to finance.

Green strongly believes with their expertise they can improve market access by facilitating communication with customers, and competitive positioning and enable information acquisition in the new digital age, helping to grow regional economies through innovation, technology, and its applications.


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