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Sven shares his recipe

Sven Thieme sharing his expectations for the year 2014.

Sven Thieme sharing his expectations for the year 2014.

Sven Thieme, Executive Chairman of the Ohlthaver & List Group of Companies expressed his optimism at 2014 and was excited about what the year had to offer. Sven said, “I am an optimist and believe that any challenges need to be met by seeing an opportunity in it. I am positive that despite the challenges we will once again lift the O&L Group to the next level in order to deliver on our promise and purpose of “Creating a future, enhancing life.” Reflecting on 2013, Thieme said that meaningful progress had been made and made reference to the launch of the Strand Hotel project, the Vigo soft drink launch, the successful barley growing results,  the cooperation between government and the private sector in the dairy industry; and the number of innovations in terms of fish product forming technology, and employer of choice software innovations. Thieme acknowledged that numerous challenges were encountered but that forward and breakthrough thinking coupled with utter perseverance helped the company succeed in 2013.

Thieme said his goals for 2014 include, “ To achieve our financial targets; to continue to be ranked high in our best company to work for endeavours; lifting the O&L personification to the next level; making major progress in the digitalization; being an enabler for the Group and bringing sustainability to the core of the business. For us to achieve this I wish all O&L team members every strength, health and luck to achieve these goals, thereby, amongst others, taking more people off the street through direct and indirect employment opportunities.” “We all need to join hands and lead by example. Exemplary leadership is the key to any success and we need to understand everyone is a leader. If we understand this, it will be the best year ever!” Thieme advised that business success for all sectors – small, medium and large businesses – is to keep on being innovative and renovating every aspect of the business – whether it is a cost or sales driver.

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