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Finestar in the process of setting up a global marketing centre to train locals

Finestar in the process of setting up a global marketing centre to train locals

Finestar Jewellery & Diamonds Namibia, which recently held the grand opening ceremony of its factory in Windhoek, announced plans to set up a global marketing centre in less than six months.

The company revealed its intention to bring in additional technicians for their beneficiation journey, adding that its operation has evolved to a stage in which every stone is planned, processed, and polished locally.

“We are also in the process of setting up a global marketing centre where Namibians will be trained and get the opportunity to market stones globally that are mined and manufactured from their soil,” said Gaurav Jain, Finestar Director.

Jain added that sales from locally polished diamonds are accompanied by a diamond story highlighting the importance of beneficiation and leaving a lasting impression in every consumer’s mind for Namibian diamonds.

“To ensure that its voice is being heard globally, every stone processed in Namibia has a Made in Namibia logo and our Meet the Artisan certificate that highlights the beauty and people of Namibia,” said Jain.

Meanwhile, the company boosted its “infrastructure with the best technology in the industry” here in the country with their cutting-edge machinery at all their manufacturing facilities.

In a press statement, Finestar Chief Operating Officer Nilesh Chhabria said, “Technology is the backbone of Finestar’s operating model, where we harness the power of data and analytics assuring decision-making through Artificial Intelligence across the complete value chain from sourcing to manufacturing and selling our diamonds through our website across markets all over the world.”

Finestar has introduced ‘The Artisan Initiative’ for its diamonds manufactured in Botswana and Namibia, to promote and showcase the artisan as the real hero in the process of manufacturing diamonds, added Chhabria.

Finestar is the only diamond cutting and polishing factory in Namibia that utilizes the Synova DaVinci Diamond Factory system, a fully automated laser machine with a combination of three operations: cutting, bruting, and facetting.

Jorg Pausch from Synova said it cost Finestar about US$ 750,000 to acquire the DaVinci machine, adding that it took about a month for the Namibian technician at the Finerstar factory to familiarise herself with the functions and operations of the laser machine.



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