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Positivity over negativity, it can be done

If I had written this article last night, it would have had a totally different out come, I would have been ranting and raving and taking all my anger and frustrations out. But after talking to my dog (who always understands me), and a good night’s sleep I woke up much calmer and in a positive frame of mind.
This actually proves to me that I have grown a lot over the last year. Therefore from now on all the problems I face, I will see them as opportunities, this will hopefully lead me to be more mature and change the things I can and accept those I can not.
This is easier said than done because there are many negative events or thoughts that may happen to you in a day, unless you are the Dalai Lama or in equilibrium with yourself, it is very difficult to stay positive in situations like that. But hopefully if you do not give up you will get through it.
So do try to read inspirational books and hang around people that have a positive mind set and people that you can learn from. There’s a famous quote that says “If you are the smartest person in the room, you don’t belong in that room”. I have a lot of people who are asking why I am so scarce this year and do not hang with them anymore? I always respond by saying, ‘’I am very busy”, but the truth is I do not see them making a positive impact in my life, nor will I be able to make them change for the better even if I try. It might seem mean and cruel but I am doing it for my own good, I can not live the same life year in and year out without improvement

Plus, being a sensitive and insecure person that I am (I hide it well), who takes anything and everything bad somebody may say or do to me seriously, it’s a must to stay positive and be around positive people. Nowadays its everyone for themselves and God for us all. But that mentality should stop, but it looks like it is embedded in societies DNA. What happened to the love, peace and happiness attitude that mankind once had?Give a helping hand to the person below you when you climb that corporate ladder or whilst you are following your dreams. For the moment you fall, you will not fall too hard because the people you helped on your way up will cushion your fall and instead of falling flat on your face,you’ll just fall to your knees.
I am not saying I am a saint, no not at all, I have done and said some questionable things to myself, my family, friends and strangers. I am still not perfect not by a long shot. But with a positive mind set I will be a better human being. And I thank my lucky stars because I am unable to keep a grudge. I am very soft hearted and kind naturally even though I do look mean and unapproachable, and this year I want to add to those positive traits.
And to my friends, family, colleagues, acquaintance and strangers I have met in this journey called life I apologise for the ills that I have done or said against you. Like my friend always says “WORLD PEACE.”

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