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Ekandjo calls on partners to bolster MTC internship programme

Ekandjo calls on partners to bolster MTC internship programme

Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC) on Tuesday announced its’ intentions to see the MTC National Internship Programme absorbed into the national education framework as the company looks to nationalize the initiative.

Launched on 17 June 2019, MTC Namibia National Internship Programme marked a new dawn for stakeholders, among them interns, institutions of higher learning, and host organisations. The programme which aimed at accommodating over 160 interns annually has so far assisted 600 students on a budget spanning N$7 million to date.

“We are now ready to upscale the project to become a national vehicle for internships. MTC and the Office of the Prime Minister will collectively contribute N$2 million per annum. So, we are looking for other corporates out there to come on board with a contribution of at least N$200,000,” said MTC Chief Human Capital, Corporate Affairs, and Marketing Officer Tim Ekandjo.

The industry has a figure of 48,000 students nationally who are in dire need of internships to graduate.
While this reality can be viewed as a checklist for benefiting graduates, internships in general also answer to hostile requirements from the industry that only open doors to graduates who have a shoestring of experience.

Ekandjo said MTC has thus far identified 53 corporates and called for each corporate to pledge an amount
of N$200,000.

“Let us assist these students together so that we better prepare a certified and skilled workforce. We need to do our part in writing this chapter so that the history books of the internship will have something revolutionary to say about us,” said Ekandjo.

Should all considered corporates sign the dots, the program will raise an amount of N$14. 4 million per annum, which would translate to an upscale intake from 160 to 1600 students per annum.

MTC Managing Director Licky Erastus highlighted that while the programme takes stock of its achievements, smart partnerships will have a bigger impact.

“We are now at a point where we want to carve out a future for the program with the aim to see how it can be integrated into the national education goals and structure. Frankly speaking, we have, per annum, more students who need internships, but unfortunately, the program can only take in 160 per year. A number that we consider very little if we are to make a significant impact. We are, therefore, really urging and calling on more corporates to come on board so that together, as good corporate citizens, can, make a positive difference in this regard,” he said.


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