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Digital e-commerce store showcases African SME entrepreneurs and their products

Digital e-commerce store showcases African SME entrepreneurs and their products

Entrepreneurship is often described as a lonely journey that requires sacrifice, determination and hard work. As true as this might be, entrepreneurship is rooted in ‘ubuntu’. It is about forming mutually beneficial collaboration with like-minded entrepreneurs to reach a common goal.

With the high unemployment rate, skills shortage, undue pressure from imports, low-profit margins and the global pandemic resulting in companies closing their doors, entrepreneurship has proven to be a essential ingredient for survival. It’s not only about running a successful business but being successful enough to create jobs. Something Africa desperately needs.

One such business is Ourlives Marketplace, a digital marketplace that gives local brands and businesses a platform to showcase their products and services. It’s a digital platform that makes it easier for small businesses to access each other in a convenient and reliable way, thus improving their digital footprint and increasing their reach.

The founder, South African Thabang Moye wants to put local products in front of potential clients who are actively searching for local brands. This mutually beneficial collaboration will result in more support for local brands and help create and maintain jobs as the entrepreneurs succeed and grow.

“Our sole purpose is to highlight the amazing talent we have in southern Africa. Our mission is to get the public excited about local brands and remind them how proud they should feel to own and support them, Mostly it’s about keeping jobs,” said Moye.

“It’s not an e-commerce store but a digital marketplace brands ambassador that promotes local brands by ensuring that their products and services are available to customers across the country,” he said.

“It’s a B2C Marketplace platform made for professionals, stylish intellectual and brand-conscious individuals that want to plough back and support local businesses as well as learn and be inspired by other SA entrepreneurs. It also keeps audiences updated and informed about the latest products that are available in Fashion, Streetwear, Sneakers, Appliances, Sports, Electronics, Groceries, Health & Beauty and many other things that African entrepreneurs have to offer.”

“We have built the most trusted destination for local brands. Ourlives Marketplace is about doing our bit and supporting local businesses or becoming part of our growing network by getting your small business listed. Ourlives should be the preferred choice for individuals who want to stay ahead of the rest and want to know the latest brands that Africa has to offer. We want to create awareness as well as to be the first stop when you are looking for local and home-brewed products and brands.”

Brands listed on the platform will get exposure within their target audience, Ourlives Marketplace is continuously marketing their platform across all marketing channels to increase website traffic for bigger exposure of the listed products and services.


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