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Clean accessible water for Bethanie from hybrid-power desalination plant

Clean accessible water for Bethanie from hybrid-power desalination plant

The Ministry of Agriculture, Water, and Land Reform commissioned a pilot desalination plant powered by hybrid renewable energy at Bethanie in the Kharas region.

The plant is designed to produce 487 cubic metres of clean water per day for the entire Bethanie community and is expected to be sufficient until 2037.

“The inauguration of the rural brackish water desalination plant here today is a remarkable progress point for the Bethanie community and Namibia at large in its quest to provide potable water to the nation,” Agriculture, Water and Land Reform, Deputy Minister, Anna Shiweda said at the event.

She said the government’s target is to have 100% coverage of all Namibians in terms of access to the water supply. “So far we are at approximately 85%,” she added.

“The investment made in the facility being commissioned here in the form of a Hybrid Renewable Energy Powered Membrane Desalination Plant is a noble one because it results in the supply of good quality water to the Bethanie community. Furthermore, the NamWater research team will assess the performance of these technologies to inform future water strategies, policies, and decision-making on how to improve the quality of water from poor groundwater sources for communities. This is very commendable indeed and I therefore pledge the ministry’s support for research work of this nature,” she said.

Meanwhile, Shiweda said the project will be used to ascertain the cost of water associated with the desalination of groundwater and this will be compared with the cost of water by supplying remote communities through long-distance pipelines from afar from sources of good water.


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